Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Think Floyd will definitely be back at the Bolingbrook Jubilee for many years to come."
– Bolingbrook Jubilee

"Would love to have him again. "
– Philadelphia, MO

"That show was GREAT! .Do you do any other shows the rest of the year?"
– Washington, IL

"Great presentation by a true professional! Wonderful for adults and children alike- will have him again. "
– Lewistown, IL

"Lynn is the guy to go to for a Bob Hope tribute. We've hired/worked with Lynn four times. He does much more than look, act, or gesture like Bob Hope. Lynn can sing, play instruments, he has comedic timing, and he's a real musician, so he understands the nuances of the entertainment business. Most of all, he gets the laughs. And don't forget, he does loads of other impersonations too. "
– Hickory Hills, IL

"I like the way you taught knife safety."
– Hermann, MO

"OMG!!! This guy is amazing!! He came to my school and talked to us and was very inspirational. He really led me to believe that I CAN do anything!!! "
– Kate

"He brings a unique and witty perspective to his comedy. I think he is funny on many levels. Even after his performance, I recalled things he'd said and started laughing all over again!! I love this man."
– Nanette A.

"Thank God for people like Brett! Thanks to you, we have now raised over $28,000 in the last 13 months for our high school, John Glenn, to give out in scholarships! I am so proud to be your friend and so proud that you care enough to help the future of not only John Glenn, but the FUTURE! "
– Laina Niedbalski

"We have known Brett for a lot of Years his bride Chrisa is nothing less than fantastic as is Murray! If you want to look up to a Hero, Someone that can accomplish anything Brett is the Guy! He's My Hero in Life!!!!!! FYI I'm a Viet Nam Vet former Marine SSgt! Wife Is Former Marine Viet Nam and Brett Is our Hero!"
– John Lor Gordon

"I want to thank you for coming to the Athis Career Center and helping me see clearly... ...Your not the only one that was told you could not do anything. I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ausburger Syndrome, and I can agree that I was told that I could never amount to any importance, but I Proved them wrong. go to this link to see a video I edited to prove that I did do something cool, even if it is not that important. Loved your comedy by the way. "
– Stephen Fedock

"Troy did another amazing job! The kids were laughing long after he left. "
– Jerseyville, IL

"Everyone enjoyed Randy's (Erwin) performance. Thanks so much!"
– St. Charles, MO

"It was one of the most attended workshops and received an overall quality rating of 5.0 on a 5.0 scale! Many participants described the workshop as 'very excellent,' 'wonderful and sensitive entertainment,' and 'fantastic and fun."
– Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Springfield IL

"Thank you so much. I cannot count how many times people have told me how much they laughed! By the way the owner of the course-and lots of other things has asked me for your contact info, he would like to book you for a couple things he has coming up....so that is awesome!"
– Montisa Phelan Lopez - Executive Director, Foundation & Public Affairs

"WOW--Last night was an awesome success. Lynn Roberts is a great talent. He won a Lifetime Achievement award last year at The International Impersonators Convention in Las Vegas. Lynn entertained us with songs that he sang. He played many different musical instruments including a clarinet and saxophone at the same time to sound like a Scottish Bagpipe, (hard to believe but if you shut your eyes, you heard a bagpipe). He played two saxophones at once and also played two trumpets at the same time. He also found time to pound out some notes on a piano. He did impersonations of Red Skelton, W. C. Fields, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope. Ask people who were there how he could play a golf club like a flute and a harmonica. Everyone had a GREAT TIME !! It was great night. Thanks again !! "
– Scottsdale, AZ

"Brett Eastburn was a brilliant speaker for the students at Merrillville High School during the week of September 11-13, 2001... He has shown the students at Merrillville how important it is to realize that if they put their minds to it, they can accomplish any goal... Brett could have a great impact on the people in New York and Washington who have recently experienced great tragedy."
– Merrillville, IN

"Robosaurus has performed for three years in a row at our "Halloween Horror Nights" event in October. Repetitive bookings are the ultimate endorsement."
– Orlando, Florida

"Troy was fantastic! He was very prompt, courteous and great with the kids! It was a genuine pleasure working with Troy. "
– Princeville, IL

"Really great!"
– Benton, IL