Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"We were very satisfied with the hypnosis show presented by William Mitchell at our Christmas Party. It was a good clean show and was very funny. Mr. Mitchell did a great job, and everyone at the party was very entertained."
– Springfield, IL

"Thank you so much for your three performances at our Family Reading Night. The staff, students and their families thoroughly enjoyed your performances. Your energy and enthusiasm continued throughout all three performances. Your warm and kind personality assured me that your performance would be memorable. I have already spread the word to other teachers about you. Thanks again for a great performance and a wonderful working relationship."
– West Chicago, Illinois

"two weeks prior to the Elko Festival, I was shooting an MTV video in New York City and each evening attended a Broadway show or concert or dance recital, each of high quality professional artistry. So it was an incredible surprise and pleasure to see the same high quality of creativity in Elko by professional storytellers"
– Elko, NV

"All who atttended laughed uncontrollably throughout the entire show. Get ready to have fun!"
– Hettick, IL

"Hey Brett, I saw you at my school a couple of days ago at Daviess County Middle School. I thought your performance was great and I hope you come back here. You have encouraged me to do things that I never thought I could do. Thank you very much!! "
– Malcolm

"Thank God for people like Brett! Thanks to you, we have now raised over $28,000 in the last 13 months for our high school, John Glenn, to give out in scholarships! I am so proud to be your friend and so proud that you care enough to help the future of not only John Glenn, but the FUTURE! "
– Laina Niedbalski

"We loved the improvisation to include the library and the audience! The event was fun not only for the teens that attended, but the whole family! There were some kids so excited watching we had to remind them not to stand on their chairs!"
– St. Charles, MO

"We thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. It was a great way to start the year. †For the first time all year, there were no conflicts on the playground at recess. †I would like to think it was as a result of the assembly. Thank you for sharing your songs with us."
– Betsy Yager, 4th Grade Teacher, Sullivan School

"Great!! Would love to have again! "
– Brookfield, IL

"Snakes Alive was a great presentation that let many of our students interact with the performer and each other and it drew a great crowd. The response we got afterwards was overwhelming and we hope to bring the event back very soon. I have to admit, I was hesitant about live reptiles on campus and how people would respond but this was much better than anything I could have planned for or imagined!"
– Rohry Flood, Coordinator, Student Activities Anne Arundel Community College

"WOW--Last night was an awesome success. Lynn Roberts is a great talent. He won a Lifetime Achievement award last year at The International Impersonators Convention in Las Vegas. Lynn entertained us with songs that he sang. He played many different musical instruments including a clarinet and saxophone at the same time to sound like a Scottish Bagpipe, (hard to believe but if you shut your eyes, you heard a bagpipe). He played two saxophones at once and also played two trumpets at the same time. He also found time to pound out some notes on a piano. He did impersonations of Red Skelton, W. C. Fields, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante and Bob Hope. Ask people who were there how he could play a golf club like a flute and a harmonica. Everyone had a GREAT TIME !! It was great night. Thanks again !! "
– Scottsdale, AZ

"William Mitchell hosted a great show that has kept the students talking. As the Prevention Coordinator at Sacred Heart Griffin High School it is important to hold a Post-Prom that keeps the students entertained and excited for the next yearís event. The act was hysterical and the whole crowd enjoyed every minute of the event. It is obvious that William Mitchell is an experienced Licensed Hypnotist. Each directive had the crowd rolling over in disbelief; although they were convinced the act was real. We would recommend using William Mitchell for any event where youíre looking for great laughs and a good time. He has been doing stage shows for our Post-Promís for five years. We will continue to use him for several future events."
– Kristen C. Sacred Heart Griffin High School Springfield, IL.

"I would recommend this program."
– Grayville, IL

"Robosaurus was INCREDIBLE!!! Your crew always delivers a show that brings the fans back year after year. I want to commend their dedication to each and every performance-from the Phoenix Boys & Girls charity function on Friday, to the show on Saturday night - they gave 110%."
– Phoenix, Arizona

"Troy has been here so many times he is part of our family! We love him. The very best way to know if the performer is good is to watch the traffic up and down the aisles. Troy's audience sits all through the show. Can't wait till next year!"
– West, Frankfort, IL

"Great job"
– Bob Fisher, the Ice House

"Mario, thank you for an incredible performance...a top attraction!"
– 3M Corporation, Columbia MO

"We thought both of your escape performances were fantastic. The pool escape was a great promotional tool and the local news channels jumped right on board. The aerial escape was the most unique halftime show the Sioux Falls Storm has ever had. "
– Sioux Falls, SD

"Hi Brett- I was lucky enough to see you at New Horizon Center in Chicago, IL when I worked there. You are an amazing person and I wish you could come to South Africa (where I now live). We could really use your inspiration and motivation here to help us with our work! Thanks and keep it up :) "
– Pauline Mulkerrins

"Our staff loves Troy and our patrons love Troy - he is always a hit!"
– West Frankfort, IL