Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Hey Brett: Saw you at my school in Abington, PA. It was great and really funny. Is that your dog, he is cute, what's his name? I have a cool cat, named Tangie. My mom and I watched you on youtube.com we were all laughing so hard. Thanks again. You rock. "
– Alex Breard

"The Pleasant Plains After-Prom Committee has engaged William Mitchell for at least the last 4 years as part of our post-prom festivities. And, once again, this year we were not disappointed! William puts on a wonderfully funny interactive show that is enjoyed by students and adults alike. The participants are never embarrassed, and the show is always the topic of conversation for weeks. He is an integral part of our efforts to provide an after-prom students are excited to attend!!!!!!!"
– Sheila Ryan Pleasant Plains ,IL

"Your hypnosis show was a hit! Grad Night was a success! I'm glad that you could be a part of it. And I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here in the Bay area."
– Karen Siluiera Sonoma Academy Parents Association Santa Rosa,CA

"Dr. William Mitchell arrived on time. He brought with him everything he needed for the performance. He only asked for 20 chairs to be placed on the stage. He hypnotized the majority of the 20 students. He worked wonderfully with the students! He had the entire crowd laughing throughout the performance! The students and I enjoyed the performance!! He was an amazing performer! "
– Mt Zion, IL

"He told his stories in such detail that we all conjured up memories from our own past and made us realize we too had stories to tell."
– Jenny Layman

"Absolutely fantastic!"
– Mark's Cruise Director

– Paul - Cruise Director

"Don's been a great asset to our franchise and he's funny"
– Budd Friedman, The Improv Comedy Clubs

"That is the best country performance we've had on this show!"
– Cee Lo Green

"Longhorn came in and did a full set on a night we lacked a headliner, and he killed it. He was fantastic. He hung out with everyone after the show and was the nicest guy you could meet. And his comedy was fantastic as well! I highly recommend him."
– Carl D.

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain." "
– Elk Grove Village, IL

"Cleveland's premier summer event, River Expo 94' was a grand success, due to the featured highlight "Robosaurus" - a 42 ft. tall mechanical car-eating machine. This larger than life spectacle drew great media attention and crowd response during the tree-day weekend event. "Roboosaurus" is a must-see attraction for the young and old alike. Now event would be complete without a highlight such as, "Robosaurus"."
– Cleveland, Ohio

"William Mitchell was fantastic he was on time and very professional and did a outstanding job! Our group thought he was great. Yes we would definitely hire him again. He had the entire crowd laughing It was a lot of fun! Everyone there really enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Thanks so much."
– Durant, IA

"I'm please to say that our recent 19th annual California International Airshow was one of our most successful ever. It was certainly the highest grossing show, exceeding our projections for both pre-sales and gate sales. Our Board had debated the last couple of years on what success we might have by bringing Robo back after the very successful 1996 show. Needless to say we are all very happy with the results of bringing Robo back to the California International Airshow. Robosaurus, when properly marketed has proven to be a huge draw at our Airshow. And it is not just kids that get excited. We have found adults love the act as well. In addition, sponsors seem to be very pleased when associated with our event showcasing Robosaurus."
– Salinas, California

"We were very impressed with Mr. Two Crows"
– Liberty, IL

"This guy’s funny!"
– Howard Stern

"This band rocks. . . . I was very happy with their performance. . . . This is the best band we have seen in a long time. . . . [They were] well worth every penny! . . . Thanks SojournRocks"
– Roselle. IL

– Paul - Cruise Director

"We had over 3500 people at the show and did not have a single problem with anyone. The food sales and beer sales hit an all-time high. And still no problems. The crowd was there for one reason and that was to see and hear Think Floyd USA! The light show was out of this world. The extra set-up was well worth it."
– Village of Bolingbrook

"Kids really enjoyed throwing the spears. "
– Granite City, IL