Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"This was the second time we have had Randy and he was wonderful! "
– Normal, IL

"That is the best country performance we've had on this show!"
– Cee Lo Green

"Troy's interaction with the chosen assistants in his act was hilarious. "
– Alhambra, IL

"Julio has always been one of the main attractions when we have this day. Julio has a unique talent for connecting with the audience. The level of enthusiasm that he generates among the audience is amazing. He uses the time not just to teach salsa dancing, but also to teach about the importance of getting an education, appreciating other cultures, and learning other languages."
– Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

"Everyone loved the performance!"
– Kankakee, IL

"Mother Goose was very entertaining and so fun to work with. Thank you. "
– St. Joseph, MO

"Hey Brett: Saw you at my school in Abington, PA. It was great and really funny. Is that your dog, he is cute, what's his name? I have a cool cat, named Tangie. My mom and I watched you on youtube.com we were all laughing so hard. Thanks again. You rock. "
– Alex Breard

"He even kept the really young ones entertained. "
– Shelbyville, IL

"You came to my school today and you are one of the best motivational speakers I've ever seen. You're amazingly funny and I love your enthusiasm. You're such an inspiration to me and all of my friends. Best wishes!!"
– Rachael

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain." "
– Elk Grove Village, IL

"Thanks Don. Great Show!"
– VP Battery Alliance, Inc

"She is an outstanding teacher and a fine director… has a can-do take on life. Stephanie brought a sense of joy to her teaching and I could see how her methods empowered her students. Stephanie brings considerable talent, professionalism, and heart to whatever she tackles. "
– Former Director of UF/CCM Preparatory Dept: Sheila Mckenna

"Loved the show Longhorn headlined in Greenwood, In. with Matt Collins and others.. He put on a hell of a show and u can tell he loves what he does.. Can't wait for him to make another appearance back in Indiana sometime."
– Bradley M.

"We loved your show and how you involved the children in it. I especially liked the way you combined education with entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the sparring with the swords!"
– Nashville, IL

"Lynn is the guy to go to for a Bob Hope tribute. We've hired/worked with Lynn four times. He does much more than look, act, or gesture like Bob Hope. Lynn can sing, play instruments, he has comedic timing, and he's a real musician, so he understands the nuances of the entertainment business. Most of all, he gets the laughs. And don't forget, he does loads of other impersonations too. "
– Hickory Hills, IL

"Thank you for today’s show. My son had a blast and can’t stop talking about the event..... Thanks again."
– Trina Rango

"You are now the new "A" team for the Comedy tours! You are the best!!!!!"
– Betty Naylor USO Comedy Break Tour Producer

"This is a favorite every year! "
– Lincoln, IL

"I was at your thing I forgot what’s it’s called but it was on Friday March 11, 2011 and you asked us to remember what we thought of you when we first saw you...... And I hope you don't mind me telling you what I thought of you when I first saw you were. I thought you needed help a lot but then you got on the table and was like wow... lol.... and you started doing all the stuff like throwing the football and basketball and drawling graffeld then I thought of you that your a strong guy and you can do everything if you put your mind to it......so all I’m saying is your awesome......lol "
– Krissy

"We received nothing but positive feedback on your program. The presentation was awesome and your skills demonstration was outstanding. The positive influence of your message certainly hit home with our students and we feel it was a great experience for all in attendance. We look forward to having you back to Seymour next year."
– Rich Kearns- Seymour Connecticut Public Schools