Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Lynn Win Roberts is amazing! He entertained 150 seniors from several of our RV Parks in Yuma, Arizona, at a first come first served basis, since we only had 130 seats available, with some standing along the sides of our college campus patio. Swinging and swaying to his one-man-band, and reminiscing of times past, his impersonations of Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, and W. C. Fields brought tears of joy to our Winter Visitor Students' eyes. Mr. Roberts is personable, gracious, and thoroughly entertaining. I highly recommend him for any event where fun, memories, and quality entertainment is required."
– Yuma, AZ

"Paul Niemann's Invention Mysteries column is a perfect blend of drama, enlightenment, and just plain fun, appealing to readers of all ages."
– Mexico (MO) Ledger

"Troy was fantastic! He was very prompt, courteous and great with the kids! It was a genuine pleasure working with Troy. "
– Princeville, IL

"All ages enjoyed the show!!"
– Newton, IL

"I would highly recommend any school district or professional organization to utilize Brett as a motivational speaker."
– Edwardsburg, MI

"Thanks for coming to Eastern Greene and telling your story. You are a wonderful human being who subtly pointed out the "handicaps" we all face in life and did with tremendous grace and humor. I know I needed that reminder. And, our students did as well. Thanks again and best of luck in all you do. "
– Ted Baechtold

"Thank you so much. I cannot count how many times people have told me how much they laughed! By the way the owner of the course-and lots of other things has asked me for your contact info, he would like to book you for a couple things he has coming up....so that is awesome!"
– Montisa Phelan Lopez - Executive Director, Foundation & Public Affairs

"Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation for the Montgomery College Psychology Club! The audience was educated and entertained! We were thrilled you could come to our campus and dazzle everyone with your show."
– Karen Buckman Associate Professor of Psychology The Woodlands TX

"Of all the storytellers we've hosted, Marilyn Kinsella was the most engaging by far. The kids loved every minute of it! "
– Pekin, IL

"You made my day ten times better today with your energy.† I havenít had someone make me so happy in a while.† You did that for me and I thank you. "
– Courtney, Harlem High School

"Julio has taught me more than to salsa dance. Through his class, Iíve become more open to new things, and I have gained a new life experience. Thanks a lot Julio for this life changing experience!"
– West Frankfort High School, West Frankfort IL

"Edgar Lee Masters would be proud."
– River To River

"Mario gave a marvelous show at the University of Massachusetts. A Tribute to Houdini was an amazing show. The addition of special effects made the show extremely exciting and breathtaking. Mario also remained two extra hours after the show to talk to and sign autographs for the hundreds of people who stayed. "
– Amherst, MA

"I would just like to say this is the most motivational speech I have had the honor to listen to. Brett was at my college, Ohio University Southern Campus yesterday, 10-13-10, and my education class got to listen. It was amazing and I can't wait for next year! "
– Brittany McFarland

"Great show! We'll have him back"
– Crossville, IL

"I just want to say that u r really cool LOL "
– joe hamma

"the show was amazing...Your special effects and lighting made the show extremely exciting and breathtaking."
– University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mass

"Not sure of the date, but it was earlier this year in 2010. Longhorn helped out at a charity event for Haiti relief. This was our first time seeing him do his act. Incredible, so fun and genuine. I had to befriend him on facebook after that!"
– Savannah J.

"Parents and kids are still talking about it. It was great!"
– LaBelle, MO

"2nd show, and was as excellent as the first. Wonderful story teller and interacts very well with the crowd. He has been at Collver Family Winery, twice. First time as the opening act he walked off to a standing ovation. He was very entertaining and personable. We would definitely book Longhorn again."
– Timothy J. C.