Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"We loved the improvisation to include the library and the audience! The event was fun not only for the teens that attended, but the whole family! There were some kids so excited watching we had to remind them not to stand on their chairs!"
– St. Charles, MO

"Best Bets"
– The LVRJ

"Paul’s articles are a blend of information and entertainment."
– Inventors’ Digest

"Thank you for coming to our branch and presenting a superb program. The yodeling and roping were amazing. You (Randy Erwin) are a real star. "
– Kansas City, MO

"Troy was very entertaining. He was very helpful in suggesting we change our program to fit our audience and it was a great decision! Thanks so much! "
– Hull, IL

"I was at your thing I forgot what’s it’s called but it was on Friday March 11, 2011 and you asked us to remember what we thought of you when we first saw you...... And I hope you don't mind me telling you what I thought of you when I first saw you were. I thought you needed help a lot but then you got on the table and was like wow... lol.... and you started doing all the stuff like throwing the football and basketball and drawling graffeld then I thought of you that your a strong guy and you can do everything if you put your mind to it......so all I’m saying is your awesome......lol "
– Krissy

"This guy’s funny!"
– Howard Stern

"Great Show!"
– Macon, IL

"Dear Mr. Eastburn, you brought tears to my eyes when I saw your pictures. You truly are an inspiration. xx "
– Zaa

"Robosaurus has performed for three years in a row at our "Halloween Horror Nights" event in October. Repetitive bookings are the ultimate endorsement."
– Orlando, Florida

"Great show! We'll have him back"
– Crossville, IL

"William Mitchell was fantastic he was on time and very professional usually when we have a comedian some people usually leave but none was leaving during this show it was great. I laughed so hard I was crying. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a comedian anytime. Thank you Mitchell all of my peers were impressed your professionalism reflected on me and I appreciate it."
– Saint Louis, MO

"We had lots of positive comments. We wanted something new and different - he delivered! "
– Rinard, IL

"Kids really enjoyed throwing the spears. "
– Granite City, IL

"OMG! LongHorn the Comedian! Let's see? Ummmmm.......On a Business Level, He's Serious, Comical, Entertaining and Funny Comedian You will definitely Enjoy & Love! On the Personal level, He's a Serious and down to earth individual. "
– Tunya F.

"Thanks so much for coming to Spencer, WI last night. It was a great show!"
– Spencer, WI

"What an inspiration! Brett's presentation at our middle school was great. As a mom and Instructional Assistant, I told him he is making a difference in children's lives. I need to correct that, it be “Should be people's lives”. The combination of humor and motivation is unforgettable. Thank you!!"
– Carol Strom

"This is a favorite every year! "
– Lincoln, IL

"Thank you so much for coming to Longfellow.  You were such an inspiration.  You are an awesome singer.  The song you wrote was very touching, and in other words it was great.  It’s so nice of you to spend your life inspiring and helping children and adults, that you should follow your dreams, and to believe in whatever you want to do!! I loved coming and watching your presentation.  You were the best presenter to come to Longfellow.  Especially since I’m in 5th. grade, you made my last year at Longfellow awesome!!  "
– Sari, Student, Longfellow Elementary

"OMG!!! This guy is amazing!! He came to my school and talked to us and was very inspirational. He really led me to believe that I CAN do anything!!! "
– Kate