Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"He does a wonderful show. "
– Crete, IL

"Great!! Would love to have again! "
– Brookfield, IL

"He begins the performance by welcoming the audience and encouraging each resident to participate at a level with which they are comfortable. Even residents who are wheelchair-bound can still "dance" as Julio is so considerate of the persons needs."
– Springfield Supportive Living, Springfield IL

"The Don Barnhart Comedy Show is family-friendly. In an industry dominated by embarrassing and shocking antics, the comedy brought out of our shared hopes and dreams is refreshing and honest. Don's twenty years of comedy club experience are evident, as well as his Second City improv skills and his self-improvement hypnotic abilities. Everything comes together in a show that puts the audience on center stage, inhibitions gone, ready to perform like they never have before. Skeptics encouraged to attend."
– LasVegas.Net

"OMG! LongHorn the Comedian! Let's see? Ummmmm.......On a Business Level, He's Serious, Comical, Entertaining and Funny Comedian You will definitely Enjoy & Love! On the Personal level, He's a Serious and down to earth individual. "
– Tunya F.

"Pleasing the Lord and Pleasing the People!!! Those are the two most important things in music. That's utmost in the hearts and minds of Leipers Fork. Wonderful songs and great arrangements added to professional pickin' and harmonious bluegrass vocals give you the perfect description of the group. The members of Leipers Fork Bluegrass are my friends. When it comes to gospel bluegrass and traditional bluegrass music they are the BEST"
– WXRQ Gospel Radio, Mount Pleasant, TN. 38474

"You have a SMASH HIT! Lynn Roberts is superb in portraying all of the greats, including Hope. His talent as a musician is evident as he becomes Benny Goodman. The Bob Hope Road Show offers Lynn the opportunity to shine!"
– Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"What a fantastic show Saturday night! The cheers of joy from the crowd said it all. Your team sis an excellent job of choreography and the show is definitely one of the best we've had, especially the finale!"
– Madison, Wisconsin

"After several years in daytime slots, the Pink Floyd tribute band Think Floyd was promoted to headliner status Friday night at the M&I Bank Classic Rock Stage. There's one core problem with being a Pink Floyd tribute act. To think Floyd, you have to think big. We're talking giant flying pigs, gargantuan animated video shows and God's own laser show. Think Floyd doesn't have the Pentagon-level funding for all that visual paranoia, so it compensates with faithful renditions of songs such as "Another Brick in the Wall," "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Run Like Hell." Thanks to three very lively dancing ladies, they're probably more animated than the real Floyd on stage. The crowd responded with fist-pumping approval. I'm not saying they were wrong, but to climb this Wall, you have to be willing to accept your surrealism on a budget. "
– Dave Tianen

"I had a Special Events committee meeting this morning and was told that everyone loved your energy; one teacher pointed out they liked how you were so in tune with the kids, and were able to re-engage them by changing your timing and dynamics. The children loved interacting with the stories and the puppets."
– Chicago, IL

"That show was GREAT! .Do you do any other shows the rest of the year?"
– Washington, IL

"Thank you. Your spirited performance for Theodore Roosevelt's 150th birthday celebration at the White House was a great way to commemorate the many accomplishments of our 26th President. I appreciate your help in making the event memorable for all our guests."
– George Bush President of the United States

"Nitro did a fantastic job. the kids and adults loved him!"
– Moweaqua, IL

"She is an awesome woman!!"
– Rockford, IL

"We would recommend his (Randy Erwin) program to anyone searching for high quality talent."
– Mt. Carmel, IL

"Nitro did a fantastic job. The kids and adults loved him!"
– Moweaqua, IL

"I could come up with a hundred words to describe last week. But let's just go with Fantastic. "
– Dale McClannahan

"First of all, thank you again for two incredible nights. Your comedy killed both nights. The show was incredible. And again, thank you for sharing your shows with us."
– SuperDave Sisco, Accent Promotions & Media

"Love it! He always does an awesome job. "
– Philadelphia, MO

"Last week we had the distinct pleasure of having Sandi Sylver present a scary storytelling program for our young adult coffeehouse (middle and high school students). They loved it! Sandi promised to scare their socks off and I am sure that a few of them went home barefoot that night! Librarians know it is no small feat to entertain young people this age."
– Plainfield, Illinois