Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"The kids loved him!"
– Shelbyville, IL

"Julio incorporates dance, culture, and life skills in his work. He wants his audience to be healthy, to learn about diversity and culture, and to be prepared for what lies ahead in life. Julio has a gift of being able to relate to all generations; he has worked with elementary students as well as geriatric patients with the same fine results."
– Springfield Public School District 186, Springfield IL

"Tony, Just a short note to thank 'Sojourn' for a great performance July 6th at the gazebo. It was obvious by the audience's response that they enjoyed hearing the classic rock hits of the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. 'Sojourn's' music and vocals brought back fond memories of their favorite rock bands. Thank you again."
– Carmel, IN

"I thought Longhorn was super funny. I was a lil afraid he wouldn't be funny when he came out in the COW BOY hat but he got game. Sorry I don't remember when it was but i seen him twice at The St Louis House Of Comedy."
– Joycee H.

"Hey its Wyatt from Windsor, you know, the one who can't draw a dot. I really liked your performance and u is an amazing little guy and I hope to see u again."
– Wyatt

"Hey there, I have had the pleasure of enjoying many shows of "The Premiere Black Cowboy Longhorn" he is a humble gentleman and have appreciated his dedication to the men & women that fight for our country. He is extremely funny on and off the stage. I definitely look forward to seeing him perform, he is in his "there" and you enjoy every minute of the journey he takes you on with his humor of experiences of his life. Keep up the hard work Longhorn, success is yours for the taking. I hope others will appreciate the gift of laughter you bring to any venue."
– Kimberly S.

"I just want to say that u r really cool LOL "
– joe hamma

"I was at your thing I forgot what’s it’s called but it was on Friday March 11, 2011 and you asked us to remember what we thought of you when we first saw you...... And I hope you don't mind me telling you what I thought of you when I first saw you were. I thought you needed help a lot but then you got on the table and was like wow... lol.... and you started doing all the stuff like throwing the football and basketball and drawling graffeld then I thought of you that your a strong guy and you can do everything if you put your mind to it......so all I’m saying is your awesome......lol "
– Krissy

"He is excellent. The program is exciting and lively and the children loved all of it. Keep up the good work. "
– Lawrenceville, IL

"I think youre a great leader and person. You just have such a warm heart. I pray that all of your dreams in your heart come true. You make me want to go and reach my dreams right now. Thank you. Hope to see you next year. "
– Student, ITI Conference (Illinois Teen Intstitute)

"Great fun! Thanks so much!"
– St. Peters, MO

"Everyone enjoyed the show. He arrived promptly and started the show on time. The show was very funny, kept us all laughing. "
– Moweaqua, IL

"Don is pure funny. He doesn't need any gimmicks"
– Mike Lacey, Comedy & Magic Club

"Your stories and authentic costumes left everyone stunned. You have a wonderful variety of stories and you have the talent to present them in such a dramatic and unforgettable way. I appreciated your taking time after your stories to visit with young and old alike. I have always felt follow up was important and obviously you do too."
– Sioux Falls, SD

"I could come up with a hundred words to describe last week. But let's just go with Fantastic. "
– Dale McClannahan

"...if anyone needs a recommendation on the value and impact of your services, please have them contact us as....we thought you were GREAT!"
– Gary Metzger, Harvestore Systems, Inc.

"I just want to say that you really touched me when you came to my school. I had a 80 question test and I didn't give up just like you told me and I only missed 8 questions on that test and I got a 90% on that test. Thanks for the inspiration! Thanks Again Your Friend, Tucker "
– Tucker

"Chris was wonderful, both to work with and his performance. We have already recommended him to other library directors in Kentucky and would love to have him back again. "
– Nicholasville, KY

"I just want to say that u r really cool LOL "
– Joe Hamma

"I would recommend this show to all schools! A++"
– Quincy, IL