Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"We thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. It was a great way to start the year. For the first time all year, there were no conflicts on the playground at recess. I would like to think it was as a result of the assembly. Thank you for sharing your songs with us."
– Betsy Yager, 4th Grade Teacher, Sullivan School

"I like the way you taught knife safety."
– Hermann, MO

"They are an incredibly talented group of guys and they appeal to all ages. This group puts on a wonderful show. I have seen many entertainers in my time as entertainment chair and there is no one better than these guys out there."
– Plymouth, Indiana

"Our party was fairly eclectic - a voodoo-themed fund-raiser for Haiti. Not only did Laura deal with the strangeness, but she was the highlight of the event!"
– Ian B

"When are you coming back to the Detroit area? I saw you at Mark Ridgley’s in 09, and I have been telling people how hilarious you are in stand up! Please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
– Teresa Zimmer

"Monsters in the Bathroom” was a great program! There are not many people (especially not storytellers) who can keep a room full of kids entertained for over 40 minutes—you had them mesmerized and laughing for a full hour! Best wishes for the rest of your summer, and for the continuation of your stellar career!"
– Fairfax, California

"Absolutely Thrilled with this performance! Mr. Garey (Mark Twain) was fabulous, even stayed at the end to greet us and entertain our questions. We will definitely be having him back - thank you!"
– Performance at Library

"Great Program!"
– Spring Valley, IL

"Very entertaining, Very Enjoyable. "
– Casey, IL

"The KQRS morning show was speaking about you today and I had to check out your site! Great video. "
– Fowler

"The show was outstanding...an exceptional evening."
– Missouri Theatre, St. Joseph, Mo

"Chris (Camp) was wonderful. I have never seen our students so excited and engaged during an assembly."
– Chicago, IL

"As always, Troy was amazing! "
– New Douglas, IL

"William Mitchell hosted a great show that has kept the students talking. As the Prevention Coordinator at Sacred Heart Griffin High School it is important to hold a Post-Prom that keeps the students entertained and excited for the next years event. The act was hysterical and the whole crowd enjoyed every minute of the event. It is obvious that William Mitchell is an experienced Licensed Hypnotist. Each directive had the crowd rolling over in disbelief; although they were convinced the act was real. We would recommend using William Mitchell for any event where youre looking for great laughs and a good time. He has been doing stage shows for our Post-Proms for five years. We will continue to use him for several future events."
– Kristen C. Sacred Heart Griffin High School Springfield, IL.

"We have known Brett for a lot of Years his bride Chrisa is nothing less than fantastic as is Murray! If you want to look up to a Hero, Someone that can accomplish anything Brett is the Guy! He's My Hero in Life!!!!!! FYI I'm a Viet Nam Vet former Marine SSgt! Wife Is Former Marine Viet Nam and Brett Is our Hero!"
– John Lor Gordon

"OMG! LongHorn the Comedian! Let's see? Ummmmm.......On a Business Level, He's Serious, Comical, Entertaining and Funny Comedian You will definitely Enjoy & Love! On the Personal level, He's a Serious and down to earth individual. "
– Tunya F.

"Fantastic! A captivating, timely performance of Mark Twain. Highly recommended. "
– Lawrenceburg, IN

"We've never had so many positive and enthusiastic comments from parents as will as students. Some said it was the best program ever at our school. Thank you. Nitro Joe!"
– Sullivan, MO

"Longhorn was amazing! Hilarious and was a comedian that you could relate to easily. I cannot wait to see him perform again! I would recommend anyone to see him!!!"
– Jamie S.

"The children loved the show! Excellent!"
– Moweaqua, IL