Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Nitro Joe was great! This science was fun and exciting. "
– Portland, AR

"In the almost 20 years I’ve been teaching and the seven plus years that I’ve helped with Snowball, I think Victor’s presentations was one of the best I’ve seen. It was passionate, electric, poignant without being preachy, and a great multi-sensory show."
– David Monti, Teacher, Riverside Brookfield High School

"Our patron had nothing but praise for Troy. It was a great show! "
– Charleston, IL

"We saw these guys at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center. They were great! They did at least 15 songs- probably more- very talented with one guitar player (dicky) using a talk box. Would love to see them again!"
– Sussex

"We want to make sure he is available for next year."
– Metropolis, Illinois

"You have a SMASH HIT! Lynn Roberts is superb in portraying all of the greats, including Hope. His talent as a musician is evident as he becomes Benny Goodman. The Bob Hope Road Show offers Lynn the opportunity to shine!"
– Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"I was asked to provide a Bob Hope entertainer for a Super Bowl party, and without hesitation I recommended Lynn Roberts. Lynn is in the very top echelon of impersonators in the world, and he got that way not just by being supremely talented and jaw-droppingly exact, but by being personable, easy to work with, and an all-around good guy. I think, if they ever cloned Bob Hope and tried to get him work, I'd still use Lynn. Yeah, he's THAT good!"
– Costa Mesa, CA

"Troy did a great job! The audience loved him! "
– Assumption, IL

"Enjoyed your article on Da Vinci the inventor."
– B. Boles, via e-mail

"I just wanted to congratulate your group on being sooooo good. I really enjoyed the performance. Yours was the best [at the Blueberry Festival] that I remember in the last 6-7 years! And I wanted to find out if you had a website (you do) so I could follow your group in the future. I will check out your website soon and will forward your info to a few friends. Hope to see you, and Sojourn, again in the future. Keep up the excellent work. "
– Chicago, Illinois

"I think you’re a great leader and person.  You just have such a warm heart.  I pray that all of your dreams in your heart come true. You make me want to go and reach my dreams right now.  Thank you. Hope to see you next year. "
– Student, ITI Conference (Illinois Teen Intstitute)

"The show was outstanding ... the auditorium was packed. Everyone was amazed and talked about the show for days. Mario displayed congenial, yet professional character both on and off the stage which makes the show an event to remember. "
– Pittsburgh, PA

"Monsters in the Bathroom” was a great program! There are not many people (especially not storytellers) who can keep a room full of kids entertained for over 40 minutes—you had them mesmerized and laughing for a full hour! Best wishes for the rest of your summer, and for the continuation of your stellar career!"
– Fairfax, California

"I heard all about your visit today at South Elementary from my daughter! I think she memorized every word you spoke! I found your website by all the details she gave me. Thanks for coming to Grandville, Michigan! "
– Kimberlee

"We really enjoyed your show. You accommodated everyone despite the heat. The handcuffs at the end of your show had all the kids out of their seats, enthralled with how you were going to escape. Great Job and Thank you! "
– Carlyle, IL

"What a fantastic show Saturday night! The cheers of joy from the crowd said it all. Your team sis an excellent job of choreography and the show is definitely one of the best we've had, especially the finale!"
– Madison, Wisconsin

"Your hypnosis show was a hit! Grad Night was a success! I'm glad that you could be a part of it. And I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here in the Bay area."
– Karen Siluiera Sonoma Academy Parents Association Santa Rosa,CA

"Great job!"
– Cunningham, KS

"This guy's got talent!! We have been fortunate to have Lynn on several school assembly tours for Dakota Assemblies, delighting and inspiring students across the Upper Midwest! We all want to hire someone we can count on and Lynn is that man! He navigated through sleet and snow, without complaint, to hundreds of schools, arriving on time and always coming through with a fantastic performance! I recommend Lynn Winn Roberts without hesitation! He's worth 5 stars in my book!"
– Perham, MN

"HI BRETT.......I saw your movie, and was awesome! I have seen you around here and there. I know your dad and uncle from many moons ago. I am a cousin to the Edison kids when they had pony rides. Boy that is a long long time ago! Just found this site through Becky Harness, (her mom Suzi and I are first cousins, and she was one of the Edison kids with pony rides). Small world eh? I will pass on this site....I know you are one of the funniest and talented fellas out there and hoping to catch one of your shows! YOU ARE AWESOME!"
– Bobi Livengood