Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Great show! We'll have him back"
– Crossville, IL

"I love the show, artist was very professional and very, very friendly to the kids. I would love to recommend this program to others. "
– Glenview, IL

"He was completely immersed in his subject matter, mastered from years of independent reading and by his painstaking creation of authentic-looking artifacts. He shared his vast knowledge and kept the adults and students spellbound. He revels in the gritty details of history...the glue that makes otherwise cold facts stick in our minds."
– Stuttgart, Germany

"Don's been a great asset to our franchise and he's funny"
– Budd Friedman, The Improv Comedy Clubs

"Everyone enjoyed Randy's (Erwin) performance. Thanks so much!"
– St. Charles, MO

"Great job presenting to the staff at SIU Recreation Center. Motivating, professional, powerful message... not to mention FUN!"
– Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

"We had over 3500 people at the show and did not have a single problem with anyone. The food sales and beer sales hit an all-time high. And still no problems. The crowd was there for one reason and that was to see and hear Think Floyd USA! The light show was out of this world. The extra set-up was well worth it."
– Village of Bolingbrook

"Great show! "
– Cuba, IL

"He did a great job!"
– Milford, IN

"Vallillo is an exceptional guitarist on six string, flat or finger-picked and bottleneck slide and has a rich deep voice."
– Anarillo, TX

"We saw Brett perform at Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. He was hilarious... and inspirational and motivational! Actually, those descriptions are all understatements. Keep up the great work Brett. And thanks for a great night of comedy in Detroit."
– Rabbi Jason Miller

"Chris blew us all away with his skills as a whip cracker. "
– Wold West Arts Club

"He was great. "
– Chester, IL

"Thank you so much for coming to Longfellow.  You were such an inspiration.  You are an awesome singer.  The song you wrote was very touching, and in other words it was great.  It’s so nice of you to spend your life inspiring and helping children and adults, that you should follow your dreams, and to believe in whatever you want to do!! I loved coming and watching your presentation.  You were the best presenter to come to Longfellow.  Especially since I’m in 5th. grade, you made my last year at Longfellow awesome!!  "
– Sari, Student, Longfellow Elementary

"His enthusiasm and energy were so infectious that several of our elderly residents and Alzheimer’s patients visibly wanted to get up and dance along. His presentation (including narration, music selections, and physical demonstration) was well-organized and thoroughly prepared—obviously customized for his audience, showing an innate desire to adapt to his surroundings and his circumstances."
– St. Joseph’s Home, St Joseph MO

"He is a living historian."
– Marion, Indiana

"Troy did another amazing job! The kids were laughing long after he left. "
– Jerseyville, IL

– St. Louis, MO

"The children really enjoyed the show. "
– Crown Point, IN

"two weeks prior to the Elko Festival, I was shooting an MTV video in New York City and each evening attended a Broadway show or concert or dance recital, each of high quality professional artistry. So it was an incredible surprise and pleasure to see the same high quality of creativity in Elko by professional storytellers"
– Elko, NV