Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"You are very amazing and inspirational....now that I saw you and my school I know that I can do anything I put my mind to...my friends and I thought it was amazing how you made it that far but now I understand...thank you for coming to my school...you are amazing!!!!!!!! "
– Felicia Scaiano

"I would just like to say this is the most motivational speech I have had the honor to listen to. Brett was at my college, Ohio University Southern Campus yesterday, 10-13-10, and my education class got to listen. It was amazing and I can't wait for next year! "
– Brittany McFarland

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful program. I have had so many moms and kids thank me for having you come. While you were preforming the children were so intent, this was the first marionette performance many of them had ever seen. "
– Kirksville, MO

– Kieron - Cruise Director

"We knew Robosaurus would be a popular act for our 96' show following a very successful appearance at Muskegon in 1993, and Robosaurus certainly delivered. We set attendance records with a total of over 57,000 paid attendees for the weekend. That is more than Dayton had this year on the same weekend, and they had a jet team and a larger market! Robosaurus was a part of that success. As I stood behind a record crowd on Saturday, every eye was glued to Robosaurus as he came into view. I stood and watched as a wave of people followed Robosaurus down the show line so as not to miss any of the act. The crowd loved your show and the kids are still awestruck. Thank you for a great performance."
– Muskegon, Michigan

"Fabulous job tonight! Thanks for a great show...hope to see you again!"
– Frankfort

"Superb! As always."
– Clinton, IL

"This was the most exciting sucessful event we have ever had! Laura is fabulous!!!"
– Pekin, IL

"It would not be the Apple Festival without him!"
– Kendallville, Indiana

"Chris taught me that it takes hard work and determination to reach your goals. That means stay away from drugs and alcohol, stay/hang with the right people, and practice. His performance was more than a show, it was a way to reach out to us and get us on the right track. I will surely take what I have learned and put it to good use in my life.""
– Hannah Lee Simmons 7th Grade Akron OH

"GREAT SHOW LAST NIGHT!!! You rocked Frankfort!!! Thanks for the good times...and come back next year!"
– Frankfort

"The Motorola Retiree's Club would like to thank you for the wonderful musical program you presented today. The performance itself was great as you have a perfect blend of voices and your movements and dance steps complemented the songs such as Apple Blossom Time, Beer Barrel Polka, and Lullaby of Broadway to name a few. Thank you again and we look forward to your next visit with us. "
– Chicago, IL

"We loved your show and how you involved the children in it. I especially liked the way you combined education with entertainment. Everyone enjoyed the sparring with the swords!"
– Nashville, IL

"Our party was fairly eclectic - a voodoo-themed fund-raiser for Haiti. Not only did Laura deal with the strangeness, but she was the highlight of the event!"
– Ian B

"Hey Brett... I am a part of the student body you spoke to today at Three Rivers High School. I am a marketing/DECA student, but didn't get to take part in shaking your hand or talking with you, since I entered the program a little late; I knew what was going on, but didn't know about the "backstage" pass. I wanted to tell you how much we all appreciated you coming in today, and that most of us did in fact get something useful out of the program. Have a good holiday! =) "
– Shelby F.

"Of all the storytellers we've hosted, Marilyn Kinsella was the most engaging by far. The kids loved every minute of it! "
– Pekin, IL

"SO many parents said this was the best event of the year. The instructor was amazing and the kids had a blast. Not only was it educational, the kids were filled with excitement."
– Chesterfield, MO

– Sherman, IL

"Thank you so much for coming to Longfellow. You were such an inspiration. The songs you wrote were very touching and in other words were great. You Rock."
– Sari - Longfellow School

"I was asked to provide a Bob Hope entertainer for a Super Bowl party, and without hesitation I recommended Lynn Roberts. Lynn is in the very top echelon of impersonators in the world, and he got that way not just by being supremely talented and jaw-droppingly exact, but by being personable, easy to work with, and an all-around good guy. I think, if they ever cloned Bob Hope and tried to get him work, I'd still use Lynn. Yeah, he's THAT good!"
– Costa Mesa, CA