Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"We have never had a bad show from anyone from Elsenpeter Productions! "
– Flora, IL

"Very Professional. Wonderful interaction between audience and performer. "
– Flora, IL

"This was a great show - the kids loved it and we got some really positive comments from parents!"
– Nashville, IL

"The show is just loved by all that are there. It wouldn't be an encampment without your show!! "
– Springfield, IL

"You made my day ten times better today with your energy.  I haven’t had someone make me so happy in a while.  You did that for me and I thank you. "
– Courtney, Harlem High School

"...the best performance so far ... very delightful & fun!"
– Fairfield, IA

"A Tribute to Houdini was a great success. The attendance the night of the show was outstanding. We had a line of people around the block, it was one of our largest audiences this year."
– Columbia, MO

"Your stories and authentic costumes left everyone stunned. You have a wonderful variety of stories and you have the talent to present them in such a dramatic and unforgettable way. I appreciated your taking time after your stories to visit with young and old alike. I have always felt follow up was important and obviously you do too."
– Sioux Falls, SD

"Always a great show! Thanks!"
– Rossville, KS

"As a children’s librarian, I truly appreciate how you weave stories, books, music, and motion into your presentation. Of course, I also love how you teach the great resource known as the library to kids and their families."
– Aberdeen, Maryland

"The bubbles were a big hit. The 5-gallon bucket "drumming" was my favorite! The noise was INCREDIBLE!"
– Mt. Pleasant, IA

"Parents and kids are still talking about it. It was great!"
– LaBelle, MO

"A once in a lifetime act!!!"
– Quincy, IL

– Las Vegas, NV

"Everyone loved him (Randy Erwin)."
– Stonington, IL

"Mr. Pacini is a very courteous and mannerly young man. His performance is very good and family oriented. We were very pleased. "
– Lawrenceville, IL

"Great show, students Pre K - 4th grade enjoyed it."
– Camp Point, IL

"As a teacher, I realize the importance of so many educational practices that you use in what seems like such an easy way: hands-on experiences, active learning, meaningful activities, integrated subjects, use of multiple intelligences, and so on and so on. Your programs allow me to offer the third graders at Meadow Lane the opportunity to "go back" in history and experience it. While doing so, they learn lessons that are multicultural as well as an integration of history, sociology, science, conservation, language, music, physical education, and mathematics. It's an experience that delights young and old as it educates."
– Lee's Summit, MO

"His knowledge of the material and depiction of his character wad very impressive."
– Grand Rapids, Michigan

"He (Jim "Two Crows" Wallen) was completely immersed in his subject matter, mastered from years of independent reading and by his painstaking creation of authentic-looking artifacts. He shared his vast knowledge and kept the adults and students spellbound. He revels in the gritty details of history...the glue that makes otherwise cold facts stick in our minds."
– Stuttgart, Germany