Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"Thank you for the wonderful display!!! The community just raved. "
– Cordova, Illinois

"Parents, teachers, staff and children were delighted by Mother Goose."
– Center, MO

"The audience was captivated by your outstanding performance"
– Newberry Opera House; Newberry, South Carolina

"It was wonderful and the kids and adults enjoyed it! "
– Fairbury, IL

"I just want to say that u r really cool LOL "
– Joe Hamma

"Not sure of the date, but it was earlier this year in 2010. Longhorn helped out at a charity event for Haiti relief. This was our first time seeing him do his act. Incredible, so fun and genuine. I had to befriend him on facebook after that!"
– Savannah J.

"The show is just loved by all that are there. It wouldn't be an encampment without your show!! "
– Springfield, IL

"Excellent!!! Nitro Joe is our favorite kids performer! "
– Quincy, IL

"A Tribute to Houdini was one of the greatest noontime entertainment we have had in years. Mario's presence drew one of the largest crowds for a noontime event. Our committee truly enjoyed hosting the show. "
– Albuquerque, NM

"HI BRETT.......I saw your movie, and was awesome! I have seen you around here and there. I know your dad and uncle from many moons ago. I am a cousin to the Edison kids when they had pony rides. Boy that is a long long time ago! Just found this site through Becky Harness, (her mom Suzi and I are first cousins, and she was one of the Edison kids with pony rides). Small world eh? I will pass on this site....I know you are one of the funniest and talented fellas out there and hoping to catch one of your shows! YOU ARE AWESOME!"
– Bobi Livengood

"2nd show, and was as excellent as the first. Wonderful story teller and interacts very well with the crowd. He has been at Collver Family Winery, twice. First time as the opening act he walked off to a standing ovation. He was very entertaining and personable. We would definitely book Longhorn again."
– Timothy J. C.

"Lynn Win Roberts is amazing! He entertained 150 seniors from several of our RV Parks in Yuma, Arizona, at a first come first served basis, since we only had 130 seats available, with some standing along the sides of our college campus patio. Swinging and swaying to his one-man-band, and reminiscing of times past, his impersonations of Bob Hope, Red Skelton, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante, and W. C. Fields brought tears of joy to our Winter Visitor Students' eyes. Mr. Roberts is personable, gracious, and thoroughly entertaining. I highly recommend him for any event where fun, memories, and quality entertainment is required."
– Yuma, AZ

"What an inspiration you are. You spoke today at my grand-daughter's high school in Windsor, Ill. She called to tell me what an awesome day she had and all about your assembly you gave them. You made her and her friends laugh until they cried - and we shared your video together. You so impressed her and her friends - thank you!!!! You are truly awe inspiring - wish I could attend one of your presentations! Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!!!! "
– Sue Patterson

"Lynn is the guy to go to for a Bob Hope tribute. We've hired/worked with Lynn four times. He does much more than look, act, or gesture like Bob Hope. Lynn can sing, play instruments, he has comedic timing, and he's a real musician, so he understands the nuances of the entertainment business. Most of all, he gets the laughs. And don't forget, he does loads of other impersonations too. "
– Hickory Hills, IL

"You guys rocked at Thunder Rally tonight!!!! Thanks for the autograph drumstick!!! Lovin it!!!! "
– Cottonwood, AZ

"Great job! "
– Gio - Cruise Director

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain."
– Elk Grove Village, IL

"The accolades we continue to receive from the installations you visited are testimony to your commitment and dedication to ensure our troops’ morale remains high by providing quality entertainment to our uniformed service members overseas. Without a doubt, your performance has made a lasting impression on the troops and installation."
– Edward F. Shock, Col, USAF Chief, Armed Forces Entertainment

"Your hypnosis show was a hit! Grad Night was a success! I'm glad that you could be a part of it. And I hope you enjoyed the time you spent here in the Bay area."
– Karen Siluiera Sonoma Academy Parents Association Santa Rosa,CA

"Integration of salsa as a metaphor for life was very inspiring and fun. Many of the adults who attended the team building workshop all felt that they could take some of your suggestions back to their work sites and even their homes. It would be to anyone’s advantage to be exposed to one of your workshops… they can be life changing."
– National Association of Medical Minority Educators, Inc.