Below are some of the reviews our entertainers have received.

"The fireworks were show stopping! As soon as the first one went off, it grabbed everyones attention. They just stopped and starred in awe. It made me realize that adults truly enjoy fireworks as well."
– Minnesota

"I want to thank you for coming to the Athis Career Center and helping me see clearly... ...Your not the only one that was told you could not do anything. I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Ausburger Syndrome, and I can agree that I was told that I could never amount to any importance, but I Proved them wrong. go to this link to see a video I edited to prove that I did do something cool, even if it is not that important. Loved your comedy by the way. "
– Stephen Fedock

"“I was very impressed with the Crush performance. The sounds and the performances are very convincing. Each member has their part dialed in quite well. I really enjoyed seeing an arena-rock show in a small venue where I could actually be close to the performers. They clearly enjoy what they are doing – and that spirit was infectious to the audience!” "
– Anonymous

"What a great performance. Adults as well as children really enjoyed Eldon."
– Virden, IL

"The show is just loved by all that are there. It wouldn't be an encampment without your show!! "
– Springfield, IL

"My kids love his program. "
– Lincoln, IL

"Fabulous job tonight! Thanks for a great show...hope to see you again!"
– Frankfort

"The KQRS morning show was speaking about you today and I had to check out your site! Great video. "
– Fowler

"The enjoyment factor was GREAT! Great Fun! Great Message! "
– Rockford, IL

"Chris blew us all away with his skills as a whip cracker. "
– Wold West Arts Club

"The show was outstanding...an exceptional evening."
– Missouri Theatre, St. Joseph, Mo

"It was one of the most attended workshops and received an overall quality rating of 5.0 on a 5.0 scale! Many participants described the workshop as 'very excellent,' 'wonderful and sensitive entertainment,' and 'fantastic and fun."
– Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Springfield IL

"I want to let J&M Displays know how pleased we were with the quality of our fireworks show!"
– Mississippi

"Absolutely fabulous- as always! "
– Chester, IL

"Thank you! We are very much looking forward to "Mark Twain." "
– Elk Grove Village, IL

"When are you coming back to the Detroit area? I saw you at Mark Ridgley’s in 09, and I have been telling people how hilarious you are in stand up! Please come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
– Teresa Zimmer

"Lanphier [High School] has not been the only community in Springfield to benefit from the multiple talents of this very dynamic and gifted young man. Julio reaches out to the elderly, the young, the professionals, fitness groups, our armed forces (he is a Navy veteran), and the less fortunate. He has a long tenure using salsa dancing as a tool to bring about a sense of fitness, fun, social interaction, and a better understanding of the Latin culture."
– Lanphier High School, Springfield IL

"We were very satisfied with the hypnosis show presented by William Mitchell at our Christmas Party. It was a good clean show and was very funny. Mr. Mitchell did a great job, and everyone at the party was very entertained."
– Springfield, IL

"Our patron had nothing but praise for Troy. It was a great show! "
– Charleston, IL

"Thank you so very much for presenting your program for our children with special needs. We were blessed to have you here for them."
– Coach Care Center, Illinois