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Julio Barrenzuela Testimonials

"Julio has a terrific program to present to students. Our students learned about salsa dancing, working hard, counting in at least three languages and overall fitness. The program was fast-paced and extremely interesting for our students. He has an amazing way of sharing all the information in a fun and exciting manner."
– Springfield Public School District 186, Springfield IL

"Integration of salsa as a metaphor for life was very inspiring and fun. Many of the adults who attended the team building workshop all felt that they could take some of your suggestions back to their work sites and even their homes. It would be to anyone’s advantage to be exposed to one of your workshops… they can be life changing."
– National Association of Medical Minority Educators, Inc.

"great presentation!"
– Champaign, IL

"Lanphier [High School] has not been the only community in Springfield to benefit from the multiple talents of this very dynamic and gifted young man. Julio reaches out to the elderly, the young, the professionals, fitness groups, our armed forces (he is a Navy veteran), and the less fortunate. He has a long tenure using salsa dancing as a tool to bring about a sense of fitness, fun, social interaction, and a better understanding of the Latin culture."
– Lanphier High School, Springfield IL

"FUN! Who knew that this would be so fun and appealing!"
– Peoria, IL

"Julio incorporates dance, culture, and life skills in his work. He wants his audience to be healthy, to learn about diversity and culture, and to be prepared for what lies ahead in life. Julio has a gift of being able to relate to all generations; he has worked with elementary students as well as geriatric patients with the same fine results."
– Springfield Public School District 186, Springfield IL

"It was one of the most attended workshops and received an overall quality rating of 5.0 on a 5.0 scale! Many participants described the workshop as 'very excellent,' 'wonderful and sensitive entertainment,' and 'fantastic and fun."
– Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities, Springfield IL

"Julio has always been one of the main attractions when we have this day. Julio has a unique talent for connecting with the audience. The level of enthusiasm that he generates among the audience is amazing. He uses the time not just to teach salsa dancing, but also to teach about the importance of getting an education, appreciating other cultures, and learning other languages."
– Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

"The dancing was very fun. No offense, but I expected it to be extremely lame, but it ended up being very fun. I think that we should do this again. And if it was possible, I would like to have this class once every week."
– Ziegler High School, IL

"Your program, Salsa: A Metaphor for Life in the Workplace, was one of my favourite events I have put on at Sangamo Club and the most well-received by the Young Professional members and their guests. It was a great opportunity for members to get to know one another, while providing valuable training and culture awareness."
– Sangamo Club, Springfield IL

"Julio has taught me more than to salsa dance. Through his class, I’ve become more open to new things, and I have gained a new life experience. Thanks a lot Julio for this life changing experience!"
– West Frankfort High School, West Frankfort IL

"He begins the performance by welcoming the audience and encouraging each resident to participate at a level with which they are comfortable. Even residents who are wheelchair-bound can still "dance" as Julio is so considerate of the persons needs."
– Springfield Supportive Living, Springfield IL

"In a recent presentation from Julio Barrenzuela at the Department of Human Services Hispanic Heritage Celebration, we had the distinctive pleasure of watching him perform as he expressed his aim of servicing our community through dance. I highly recommend Mr. Barrenzuela’s performance as a vehicle to promote peace and cultural understanding among all people."
– Illinois Department of Human Services, Springfield IL

"He involved everyone present in his program, including the visitors! The smiles on the faces of our residents were priceless!"
– Villa Health Care Center West, Springfield IL

"His dancing and associated lessons were amazing and the kids were so engaged—even the camp counsellors had an amazing time. He made it easier for the kids to understand the importance salsa dancing could bring into their lives in the future—and have fun doing it!"
– Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

"Increased physical ability, improved health, and self-confidence building are just a few of the benefits Julio's work brings to people with disabilities. I'd like to personally recommend Salsa 29 Productions for any activity that includes recreational activities for people with disabilities, seniors, and children."
– Illinois Assistive Technology Program

"Your enthusiasm was infectious!"
– Peoria, IL

"Julio taught Salsa dancing during the minor’s physical education period, and the results were amazing. Julio’s enthusiasm and encouragement were contagious. He had everyone, including some "hard-core" adolescent males who often demonstrate a tough, intimidating demeanour, not only dancing, but dancing with each other!"
– Sangamon County Juvenile Probation and Court Services, Springfield IL

"His enthusiasm and energy were so infectious that several of our elderly residents and Alzheimer’s patients visibly wanted to get up and dance along. His presentation (including narration, music selections, and physical demonstration) was well-organized and thoroughly prepared—obviously customized for his audience, showing an innate desire to adapt to his surroundings and his circumstances."
– St. Joseph’s Home, St Joseph MO

"Great job presenting to the staff at SIU Recreation Center. Motivating, professional, powerful message... not to mention FUN!"
– Southern Illinois University, Carbondale IL

"Last year’s presentation was very educational for the individuals supported by the Springfield Arc Developmental Training Center. It was also a great deal of fun for them. The individuals supported do not get many opportunities to explore different cultures."
– Sparc, Springfield IL