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Julio Barrenzuela Programs

What is Salsa 29 Productions?

Salsa 29 Productions was founded in order to contribute to the betterment of our communities by motivating individual development and promoting relationship building. This mission is fulfilled using a unique method: salsa dancing. Our programs are more than just dance lessons; we use our passion to encourage self-exploration and self-development in people of all ages and abilities. Each of our presentations seeks to help participants gain a better understanding of oneself and of one’s relationship with the larger community.

Connecting the Dots: Health, Education, & Culture

Objective To prepare youth for their future lives by instilling in them the value of health, education, and culture  

Description This engaging program helps students to connect the dots between health, education, and culture in order to be well-rounded productive citizens of the world. We have observed that some students are more motivated than others to be proactive in individual development – what we call the motivation-achievement gap. Throughout this program, we utilize a creative combination of original techniques to create an environment in which students imagine themselves in the future, think about how they will achieve their goals, and begin to understand how their health, education, and cultural awareness affect their lives.


  • K-12
  • Organizations for Youth with Disabilities
  • Juvenile center’s
  • Not-for-profit Organizations

Take 29

Objective To inspire employees to take the extra steps necessary to be successful

Description Motivational and educational, this program encourages people to continuously seek opportunities for self- development in order to succeed both personally and professionally. We illustrate how essential life skills can be transferred between personal and professional roles. During the program, we demonstrate how our passion for salsa dancing has led to opportunities for developing critical professional skills, such as leading, timing, and teamwork. This presentation is unlike any motivational speech; participants will be engaged, revived, and prepared to take charge of their careers.


  • Universities
  • Businesses
  • Not-for-profit Organizations
  • Associations
  • Private Clubs

Salsa With Julio: A Latin Experience

Objective To expose people to Latin culture through instruction in Latin dance

Description This fun program introduces participants to Latin culture through festive music and instruction in popular dance. Designed primarily to entertain, this program is great for people of all ages. Throughout each presentation, we teach the basic dance steps and techniques of three dances: salsa, bachata, and merengue. This program is perfect for building relationships during fundraisers, staff outings, and cultural celebrations. The shared experience results in a stronger sense of community among participants that is sure to be talked about and remembered for years to come.


  • Fundraisers
  • Classrooms
  • Private Parties
  • Holiday Celebrations

The Evolution of Salsa: A Musical Journey

Objective To encourage people to maintain active bodies and minds through dance

Description This unique program is ideal for organizations dedicated to the care of older adults and people with disabilities. Each presentation starts with an orientation that encourages staff members to participate. Then, both residents and staff travel through time on a musical journey that begins in the 1940s and ends in the present-day. We play familiar tunes that bring back memories and demonstrate popular dances that motivate participation. We believe everyone can dance, and this program is specially designed to cater to a range of abilities.


  • Organizations for Adults with Disabilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Retirement Communities
  • Senior Centers
  • Not-for-profit Organizations